NAACP July 17, 2012

Fayette County Board of Education – 5 Candidates (6:48 p.m. –  7:00 p.m.)

Tell us who you are and attributes for the office.                          (60 Seconds each)

Hi, I’m Mary Kay Bacallao. I have been paying close attention to the Fayette County School Board for the past 8 years.
I have been, and am now working in education as a full professor at Mercer University who clearly understands how to prepare our college-bound students, as well as students who will pursue other career paths.
I bring conservative values to education, finance, and a sound organization to meet our standards for the next four years and beyond.

Twenty four years of practical experience in math, science and technology education and a doctorate in educational leadership equip me with the background knowledge needed to make wise, well thought out, and sound decisions for our school system.
If you elect me as a school board member, my three goals will be to enact zero based budgeting, support and strengthen our teaching force, and vote for sound policies based on conservative principles.   Thank you.


1.  Georgia consistently ranks near the bottom in education excellence nationwide.  What are your plans to correct that problem?                                      (30 seconds each)

I will vote for board policies that support rigorous curriculum standards, effective teaching strategies, great teachers, increased parental involvement at every level, and community partnerships that focus on student success. We should increase our AP course offerings and make sure that our students are ready for challenging courses when they reach high school. Fayette County graduates should have the reading and problem solving skills needed for success in college and careers.


2.  What is your position on the BYOT program and how will you provide access to all

Students?  How would you safe guard their investments?     (30 seconds each)


I support technology for learning and productivity. I prefer district computers and software. Digital equity should be addressed for all students. Policies should be in place to ensure that personal property is respected. We need to address the digital media students bring to school that might distract from learning. I would like our students to creatively produce new educational technologies over passively consuming technologies designed by others. 


3.   Would you object to District Voting in Fayette County?                        (30 seconds each)


I will answer with a proverb, “If you want to go quickly, Go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

I want our students to go far, so I think we should go together. If every citizen here is able to vote for everyone up here, there will be greater accountability. Every decision we make will be for every Fayette County student. I ask that you travel with me. Let’s go there together and get it right. Every child has so much potential-that is our legacy to the future- that every child would fulfill their destiny.

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