About Healthcare

We need to take our healthcare back from the federal government.  Our healthcare freedom was under attack as wonderful charity hospitals such as Catholic, Baptist, and Methodist hospitals were targeted for closure.  If the government was to control medicine, they couldn't have privately run charity hospitals in existence.  Next came the federal government mandate to purchase healthcare in the passage of "The Affordable Care Act."  We had all hoped that the Supreme Court would declare the act unconstitutional, as they should have.  Instead they defined it as a tax. Since when did the federal government have the authority to mandate the purchase of health insurance?  The federal government has clearly crossed the line.  The next step is to go to a single payer system, namely the federal government.  This new system has over 60,000 government healthcare "codes" and payment schedules.  We are losing our best and brightest doctors and nurses, who are fed up with the government micromanagement.  The doctors and the nurses are the ones that went to school to learn how to care for their patients.  They have the experience. 

    How can we reverse course?

The U.S. Congress can repeal the Affordable Care Act. When that happens, we need to be ready to re-institute charity hospitals and charity healthcare services for those in need.  When there is government money involved, there is government control, and along with that a loss of productivity and effectiveness as regulations rule instead of reason. We cannot expect the government to do something that we should be doing for ourselves, especially in an area as important as our health. The Affordable Care Act needs to be repealed in its entirety and doctors and nurses need to be put back in charge.  

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