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Fayette County Music Programs

One of our founding fathers, John Adams, once said,

“I must study politics and war, that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. My sons ought to study mathematics and philosophy, geography, natural history and naval architecture, navigation, commerce, and agriculture, in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture, statuary, tapestry and porcelain.” (The 5000 Year Leap, page 63-64)

Interestingly enough, studying music can help our students in other academic areas such as math, science, and literacy. I will continue to advocate for our well known Fayette County music programs.

Public Comments from April 15, 2013

Public Comments at the April 15 FCBOE Meeting about Band

Wendy Dossie

5th Grade feeder program- went to college on a band scholarship, son in college doing very well 3rd year

Daughter also started in 5th grade and plays 3 different instruments

Mr. Eubanks and Mr. Reiner left at the same time, Mr. Kelly and Mr. Gunter pulled the program back together improved morale, they have made this a superior program again. Sandy Creek needs both band directors.

Dhruva Jandhyala

Starrs Mill High School band program. Started band in 5th grade. Heart of Georgia marching band competition, 75 students went and they won 1st place. They couldn’t have done that without their assistant band director. Start at an early age. They won’t be playing football at 50.

Bryon Williams

Fayette County Band keeping the 5th grade band and the assistant band directors. Eliminating transportation football 40-60 players and 11 coaches?? Only Rockdale has cut assistant band directors, and they are not at the top. Primary reason why some students come to school. Don’t make long term decisions because of short term problems.

Leontyne Williams

Started band in 5th grade. Speaks for all the band programs. Winter ensembles invited to perform. Known for playing advanced, because of 5th grade band. Skill and dedication of the band directors, especially those with 100 plus students. One person can’t possibly monitor and teach that many students. Look at athletic programs, make smaller cuts across multiple programs, providing only intercounty transportation.

Matt McCord

Volunteers 35 hours per week and 50,000 amount of money he contributed. They have earned the right to have assistant directors.

MacKenzie Keith

2360 signatures for band on Facebook.

Allen Armstrong

Band director at Northgate. He is here because of those children. Quality of your staff, quality of your programs, personal connection. We find out what we value.

Leah Keith


Band does not exclude anyone.

Heather Peterson FCHS fine arts, HS band

Lawrence Tent

5th grade at SHME now in Symphonic Band at WWHS. University of North Georgia, the band system. Calvin Johnson has offered to give a turf field to Sandy Creek. Keep every assistant and band director. Maintain what started it all for me 5th grade band.

Pamela Richardson, Huddleston, Booth, and McIntosh band. Governor’s honors program. Had she not started in 5th grade she would not have reached the abilities that she has. Best and brightest are involved in music programs.

Jamie Tapp, a mom who is musically challenged herself, pleaded for 5th grade band and orchestra. It gave her child a love for music. An opportunity expertise, enthusiasm

Anna Regi

In the middle school, we are already great, we are great because we have 5th grade band.

Melissa Hill

Matt Price from Flat Rock is doing a great job. Who have you talked to? (Addressing Dan Colwell)

Carrie Klarl

Sandy Creek Band

She has seen this band transform in recent years in large part because of Mr. Gunter, and the assistant, they work so well together. She cannot imagine the band without the assistant director. You are considering getting rid of foundation of 5th grade band, especially if you are talking about kids who have never picked up an instrument. The highest level of cuts was at the elementary level, followed by the middle school level, followed by the high school level. The lowest level of cuts was at the county level. The most important thing is the teachers. Please stop cutting the people that are in the classroom and working with our kids.

Reid Hamilton

If you cut 5th grade the whole program is affected. How is 5th grade band important? We had a chance to learn in a smaller environment. It was only 2 days a week, so I don’t see the cost saving here. Whitewater Middle School bands all received superior in the festival. Look at the ratio of coaches to players. If the ratios were fair, not only would we have assistant band directors, but we would have a woodwind instructor, percussion instructor, etc.

Christie Davis

She is a teacher from Fayette County High School, also a parent. In elementary school, Ms. Davis’ own children could not wait until they got into 5th grade and joined band. The motto is excellence in all we do. We cannot possibly keep up that model if we cut assistant band directors. I implore you as a teacher; let’s keep the excellence in all we do.

J. P. Davis

Repetition is key; so he will talk about assistant band directors and 5th grade band. What you believe is a 9 month task is actually a 12 month task. He wants to become a music director. He began in 5th grade band where he was taught by his current assistant director. He is wearing his All American jacket which he could not have had if he did not have the exceptional instruction that he received.

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