Dr. Mary Kay Bacallao on Education

If legislation could solve problems, No Child Left Behind would have been a success.  ESSA, passed in December of 2105, has made matters even worse, with digital report cards required to be submitted to the U.S. Congress electronically, tied to federal funding.

Let’s stop the Common Core attack and get us going in the right direction.  Georgia can be # 1 in education.  Repealing harmful legislation is necessary at the State and Federal levels. 

Step 1:  Scrap the CCRPI (College and Career Readiness Performance Index) because it is not accurate, reliable or valid.  In the United States Constitution, our nation's founders emphasized the need for accurate weights and measures.  The Georgia Milestones test was not designed to measure progress and the bonus points that use differing weights and varying measures invalidate the school rating scores. 

Step 2:  Let teachers teach!  We need to administer placement tests for reading, math, writing and verifiable science. We can gauge progress with placement tests across grade levels.   The current testing system does not test reading or writing.

Step 3:  Recommend academic standards in math, reading, and writing, not prescriptive ways of teaching.  Eliminate federally sanctioned grade specific assessments that do not meet the needs of the children. Provide recommended standards as targets and measure progress toward making actual academic progress as opposed to strict adherence to government initiatives. 

Step 4:  Return control of schools to local school boards.  They are much better acquainted with the needs and desires of the parents and community.  Let them make as many decisions as possible. 

Step 5: I will say no to the federal dollars.  The programs that they support cost us more than the money we receive for implementing them.

We can turn it around and come out ahead of other states and countries.  By the wisdom and grace that God provides, we can increase parental and community involvement, keep our top notch teachers and school leaders, implement useful testing models, and select well researched academic standards, because our students are capable of so much more than what Common Core requires.

What has Dr. Mary Kay Bacallao done on the Fayette County School Board?

Dr. Mary Kay Bacallao promised these things during her campaign for the Fayette County School Board.  She continues to follow these principles.  Her principles have not changed.

1. Represent conservative views on educational and social issues.

2. Restore confidence in the fiscal policies of the FCBOE through sound financial decisions.

3. Attract, retain, and honor the BEST teachers for ALL our students to sustain academic RIGOR.

4. Support and encourage family and community involvement for successful schools.

5. Make decisions based on research and input from Fayette County community members.




Vote for policies that reflect conservative views.

Recognize the importance of GREAT TEACHERS.

Listen to Fayette County parents and community members.

Encourage and value involvement from parents and the community.



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