Dr. Mary Kay Bacallao will run for State House of Representatives

Dr. Mary Kay Bacallao will challenge an incumbent in the Georgia Republican primary on May 22nd


Are you are looking for a legislator who will read the bills and vote in light of the U.S. and Georgia Constitutions?  Mary Kay Bacallao has read the bills as a citizen activist and a local school board member.  If you are all too familiar with the effects of legislation passed at the state level in recent years and are looking for a watchdog legislator, you should consider voting for Mary Kay Bacallao. 


She realized unjust legislation was being used to take authority over education from parents, teachers, students and locally elected school officials.  She has been fighting against bad education bills for many years.


WE THE PEOPLE need to reverse course and repeal freedom killing legislation.  Mary Kay Bacallao has a record of keeping her promises and voting no, even when she has been the only one.  She defeated a Republican and an incumbent Democrat before.  Your vote can send her to Atlanta to protect the interests of the people in the 72nd House District.

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