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    Mary Kay Bacallao (Tuesday, 24 May 2016 07:16)

    What plans do you have for our Transportation System, Water Resource System, and growing fiber network? 1. The U.S. Department of Transportation should be working on two new interstate highways in Georgia, one that runs East/West, and one that runs North/South. These new interstate highways should not be anywhere near Atlanta. This will relieve congestion and get the trucks and cars just passing through far away from Atlanta. The U.S. Department of Transportation needs to focus on the interstate system and let local communities make decisions about smaller scale transportation issues. When the U.S. DOT funds a roundabout and traffic volume increases, one cannot adjust the flow of traffic with a traffic signal that allows the higher volume of traffic to flow for longer time periods. It is also harder to add additional lanes to a roundabout. They are beautiful and convenient, but when and if traffic increases, they are not very practical to upgrade for increased volume. Here again, the government is funding something that most likely will be a problem in the future. 2. Water Resource System: Here in Georgia, we have great water resources because of dams that have been built, for that we can thank those who have come before to ensure that we have water. Clean water is very important to a thriving state like ours. The federal government, through the EPA, seeks to have authority over our water in so many different shocking ways. I will fight against this usurpation of Georgia's authority over our own water resources. If we look at Florida and the water that flows from Georgia to Florida through rivers, streams, and the aquifer, we are able to control the water flow somewhat from the lakes and streams, but we are not able to do anything about the water that flows through the aquifer. Florida can dig wells and build dams such as the one they built south of Lake Okeechobee. Each state can do this. When hurricanes threaten Florida, they release water into the ocean so as to prevent flooding. Florida should be able to make decisions on their own water management. When problems arise, responsible state leaders and expert scientists need to get involved to solve problems. The federal government should only be involved if there are disagreements that cannot be addressed through cooperation among the states. 3. About fiber: When we study the past American technological developments such as electricity and the railroad, we see tremendous success when inventors and private businesses worked to bring these inventions to market and to the American people. It was swift and efficient, but it also created a monopoly. The constitutional role of government is to have a patent process whereby inventors and their inventions are protected for a certain period of time, but after that set time is over, 20 years, those inventions are available for others to produce. The private sector is more efficient in bringing inventions to market, but the government also has a responsibility to ensure that one monopoly does not buy out the competing companies and shut them down so they can raise the prices to outlandish levels, as was done with the Microsoft products.

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    Mary Kay Bacallao (Tuesday, 24 May 2016 06:40)

    4. What is your opinion on empowering parents to use the tax dollars allocated for education of their children, allowing them the freedom to choose among public, private, virtual, and home schools? In 1996 I wrote my doctoral dissertation on school choice. I did this because I think that parents need to be able to make decisions about where their children go to school and what they are taught. I have read the state and federal education legislation, and that is what prompted me to run for U.S. Senate. What is happening here is that the federal government is currently firmly in control of what kids learn, when they learn it, and how they are taught through the ESSA bill that my opponent voted for. (That is why I am running.) So, unless we fix that problem, according to ESSA, the money is to be consolidated, state, local and federal, and it will all be used to implement the exact same federal education system that we see in public schools. It will be taken and expanded to private and home schools and then the problem will be worse than it is right now because no schools will be free. So, unless we repeal ESSA, actual school choice will not happen. What good is it for parents to choose the school if all the schools are federally run? I want parents to be able to choose the schools, but I also want them to be able to have a say in what happens at the school that they choose.

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    Mary Kay Bacallao (Tuesday, 24 May 2016 06:29)

    3. Government land- The ownership of the land needs to remain with the states. The U.S. forest service should be just that, a service, not federal land ownership. So, land in Georgia should belong to Georgia, not the United States government or even the "world". If you have been to any of the national parks recently, you might have noticed that they are world sites. "In 1972, our government signed the United Nations' World Heritage Treaty, a treaty that creates "World Heritage Sites" and Biosphere Reserves." Selected for their cultural, historical or natural significance, national governments are obligated to protect these landmarks under U.N. mandate. Since 1972, 68 percent of all U.S. national parks, monuments and preserves have been designated as World Heritage Sites." This is not according to our constitution. I am for parks and forests, but I want these parks and forests to remain under the jurisdiction of the states in which they reside. Link to pertinent information

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    Mary Kay Bacallao (Tuesday, 24 May 2016 06:20)

    2. Minimum Wage- Wages are about "supply and demand." If you can't find someone qualified or willing to do the job, then you need to increase the wages. With raising the minimum wage, we are asking government to solve a problem it created, and most often those solutions don't work and require even more government intervention. Here's how to increase wages: 1. Stop issuing visas to non-citizens because that decreases wages based on the "supply and demand" principle. 2. Stop illegal immigration. The people who come here illegally are working for lower wages, so this is also driving wages down. 3. Stop unfair trade agreements, these agreements have sent many jobs overseas. With fewer jobs, wages decline. 4. Lower the personal and corporate tax rates, make them proportional and eliminate tax breaks. This will allow small and large businesses to increase the number of jobs. When the number of jobs increases and the number of people seeking jobs decreases, wages will go up because businesses will have to pay more to get qualified employees.
    Now, what happens when the government sets a minimum wage that is, let's say, $15 an hour without looking at the other factors? Well we know what happens because we have seen it. The labor department seeks to get people off of welfare so they have the businesses pay the employees $3 per hour and the government programs pay the rest. Then we have favored companies that are getting workers for $3 an hour but the government is paying $12 an hour and making up the difference. That won't work. The government can’t solve problems it creates. We need less government, less bureaucracy, not more.

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    Mary Kay Bacallao (Tuesday, 24 May 2016 06:07)

    Lots of questions today...
    1. Mandated vaccinations- When the government mandates a vaccination, we need to be sure that they are 100% safe. Unfortunately, we cannot rely on .GOV research to verify that what .GOV does is correct. There is a clear link to mandated vaccinations and autism. The FDA has been holding up some medications and letting others sail through because of the involvement large corporations that make money on these vaccinations and drugs. This points to a bigger problem with the FDA. I am against the government requiring infants be vaccinated since so many health and cognitive problems have been found with the mercury in the vaccinations. These should be suggestions, not mandates, and they should be given without mercury.

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    Will (Monday, 23 May 2016 22:53)

    I'm having a hard time finding your stance on our infrastructure and I won't be able to support you without it. This is going to be a big issue for winning more business in our growing economy and maintaining current contracts. What plans do you have for our Transportation System, Water Resource System, and growing fiber network?


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    Ashley (Monday, 23 May 2016 22:22)

    What is your opinion on empowering parents to use the tax dollars allocated for education of their children, allowing them the freedom to choose among public, private, virtual, and home schools?

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    Richard (Monday, 23 May 2016 22:13)

    Dr. Bacallao,
    I like most of your platform, but one part concerns me somewhat. You stated "there is no constitutional basis for federal ownership of land outside of Washington D.C." I understand you are focusing on the western lands under the Federal Bureau of Land Management, but what about the US Forest Servce? There is much protected land in north Georgia that falls under the USFS. For that matter, much of the FBLM land out west is protected too (for good reason). To what extent would you entertain selling these lands to the public? I believe large portions should stay protected whether out west or in Georgia. Thank you.

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    Bonnie Welch (Monday, 23 May 2016 20:25)

    Minimum Wage, do you feel that people should be paid for entry positions more than our military? Recently I read that the $15.00 minimum wage, would total more a year than a Private's income. How rediculous that our military doesn't get paid more.

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    Rahela Anghel (Monday, 23 May 2016 19:24)

    What is your position regarding mandated vaccination for infants and school-aged children? Also, please clarify how that falls in or out of line with your Judeo-Christian beliefs.

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    Mary Kay Bacallao (Friday, 20 May 2016 14:30)

    I am for term limits. Johnny Isakson has been in DC for 17 years too many, in my opinion. Just today he voted with the Democrats against the Lee Amendment that would have held back the unconstitutional overreach of the Housing and Urban Development federal agency. I am in favor of the fair tax, but if we cannot get that to happen at the very least we need to have tax reform so that taxes are simple, low and fair, no favoritism or federal incentives for certain people or companies. That would be a step in the right direction as far as I am concerned if we cannot achieve the fair tax and repeal the 16th amendment.

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    Devereaux (Friday, 20 May 2016 14:21)

    What is your position on term limits and "The Fair Tax"?

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    Mary Kay Bacallao (Friday, 20 May 2016 13:37)

    Yes to all of Judy Cody's questions.

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    sherry catron (Friday, 20 May 2016 10:58)

    I will be voting Tuesday and need to know your position on Medical Cannabis as well as deregulation of it? Aside from abortion, this is my big issue. I had a sister to die from MS and have another sister and an aunt still living with it. My husband is disabled from critical injuries from a fall. We went to Colorado to use legal medical cannabis and was amazed at the fact that such great medicine is not available in our state. Please send me your position on this before Tuesday if you want to be considered for our votes.

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    Judy Cody (Friday, 20 May 2016 10:05)

    Will you work to remove America from the North American Union, Free Trade Agreement, The New World Order!?

    Will you work to remove the United States from the United Nations and the United Nations out of the United States?

    Will you vote yes, on building walls, like Israel has built on their borders, to be built on both our borders?

    Will you vote to fund as many border agents, Ice Agents, our military, Coast Guard and State Militia to stop the invasion of all illegal aliens on both borders and all our coasts!

    Will you work to give the above agencies the power to completely obey our laws in removing all illegal aliens in America immediately with all their families?

    Will you vote no to use our tax money to educate illegal alien children from preschool/Kindergarten thru college?

    Will you vote yes to make English as the official language of America and only English to be used for all government forms, Transportational signs, and all educational items?

    Will you vote yes for a balance buget?

    Will you vote yes to make our military the greatest in the world again?

    Will you not allow a President to order American Citizens to be shot by our military, removed from our homes, declare a false emergency so to declare Marshall Law?

    Thank you answering my questions! These are very important to me and my family!

    Blessing to you and your family.

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    Geri (Thursday, 19 May 2016 10:51)

    What is your position on the letter Obama sent to school districts all over the US demanding they allow boys to enter the girls bathrooms & vice versa, if the student "felt like a girl". He has threatened to stop government funding. The DOJ also weighed in on this. In my opinion Obama and his cabinet are way, way out of control.

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    Mary Kay Bacallao (Wednesday, 18 May 2016 10:40)

    The fallout of not adhering to the 2nd amendment is what I am concerned about. There is a balance between protecting our freedom to arm ourselves and protecting us from harm. It is our own responsibility to protect ourselves from harm. If you are afraid of a mentally challenged person or criminal attacking you or someone you know with a gun, that is a great reason to have a gun to defend yourself. This is just a suggestion. A bear, cougar, or mountain lion could come out of the woods and attack you while camping, or a criminal, or a mentally unstable person. It would be nice to have a gun in any of those situations. If you are afraid of an accidental shooting, please take precautions to prevent this from happening.

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    LS (Wednesday, 18 May 2016 10:14)

    Thank you for the response on gun control. So as a follow up, what will you do to help the current gun-crazed climate from continuing, in terms of accidental shootings because of the easy access of guns, in terms of criminals or mentally challenged individuals not having to deal with background checks or waiting periods to get guns? Many politicians want to tout the 2nd amendment freedoms without the accountable responsibility of the fallout from it.

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    Mary Kay Bacallao (Wednesday, 18 May 2016 10:07)

    In answer to your concern about my position on gun control, I would like you to consider the effects of gun control. The cities with the most gun control are the cities with the highest crime/murder rates. The countries with the most gun control are the ones that have greater control over the people, less freedom. I support the 2nd amendment because it is a natural right of a person to defend their property and personal safety. Mass school shootings have occurred in schools that are unarmed. Terrorists attacked an unarmed army recruiter station because they knew they would not be able to defend themselves. In the Bible, Esther was successful when she was able to get the king to send a decree that enabled the Jews to arm themselves against people that wanted to destroy them. There were times when Jesus asked the disciples to bring swords and there were times when he asked them to put away their swords, but they did have some. I will always support the 2nd amendment because the alternative in history has shown to be used to enslave people who are unarmed. The wearing down of the 2nd amendment is not in the best interest of a free and prosperous nation. The end goal is for us to all be safe and free.

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    LS (Wednesday, 18 May 2016 09:47)

    I agree with many of your stances; however, I have an issue with gun control. While not taking guns out of the hands of people, why is it problematic to have a background check or waiting period to do all we can to ensure we aren't contributing to a gun getting into the hands of someone unstable?

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    Mary Kay Bacallao (Tuesday, 10 May 2016 19:12)

    I am open to reading the book you suggest about the fair tax. I want to reduce and/or eliminate all taxes: income, corporate, sales, inheritance and property. At the federal level we are looking at the income tax. Plan A is to eliminate it. If that is not possible, we need to make it fair and low which would mean a simple proportion that is the same for all without exceptions. The corporate and personal income tax proportions need to be equal and low. This will stop the federal manipulation of the people through the tax code.

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    craig payne (Tuesday, 10 May 2016 18:38)

    have you read a book called "the fair tax" by neal boortz and john linder??....would you read it and give us your opinion on the fair tax....I am a strong proponent of this system and use it for my decision on who to vote for....thanks...

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    Mary Kay Bacallao (Monday, 09 May 2016 22:12)

    I believe in the Bible. I am a Christian and attend church at Trinity Fellowship. I attended Miami Christian College where I completed a Bachelor's degree with a double major in Elementary Education and Bible. I do not mention it because I want people to see me living according to the teachings of Jesus based on what I do and say rather than me having to tell people that I am a Christian. But if people ask, I tell them.

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    Gina Carlton (Monday, 09 May 2016 19:47)

    Can you tell me what your religious affiliation is? The other candidate running against Isakson listed his but you did not so I was wondering if you could share this.

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    Dianne (Sunday, 08 May 2016 15:15)

    Why do you have so little name recognition? I had to pull up the sample ballot to find out who was running against Johnny.

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    Etowah (Sunday, 08 May 2016 13:56)

    Why didn't you answer question #18? What is your stance on legalize ng Marijuana. Down in middle GA there is a billboard on I-75 advertising "vaporizers" for using concentrated MJ. You can buy them at local stores. I am over 60yo and not living ng where I grew up and I could easily get MJ if I wanted it but for legal reasons, I don't. It is time to stop this ridiculous prohibition. What say ye? It matters to a lot of us who are in pain.

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    Robert Spaulding (Sunday, 08 May 2016 13:55)

    What's your position on the FairTax as a replacement for the current IRS?

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    Mary Kay Bacallao (Friday, 06 May 2016 09:55)

    I believe in the Biblical definition of marriage. Marriage = 1 man + 1 woman.

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    Mary Kay Bacallao (Friday, 06 May 2016 09:53)

    I support the presidential nonimee, Trump. He will need me in the US Senate to read the bills, vote no to any unconstitutional bills, repeal bad laws, confirm Supreme Court nominees who are pro-life with a record of respecting the original intent of the Constitution, state sovereignty and national sovereignty, and cut wasteful government spending.

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    Katherine Prager (Friday, 06 May 2016 09:41)

    Do you support Mr. Trump?

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    William Harrison (Thursday, 05 May 2016)

    Concerning Lauren's question #11 below. Being Pro-Life (as I am) what are your beliefs concerning abortion in cases of incest, rape or threat of death to the women? Concerning the marriage Issue, What is your stance on Civil Unions between Gay citizens? Having a daughter that is
    in a long and loving relationship with her partner, I am of course concerned. thank you for your response in advance.

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    Tom Knight (Thursday, 05 May 2016 13:18)

    Where do you stand on Trump as the GOP nominee?

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    Mary Kay Bacallao (Thursday, 05 May 2016 09:27)

    Thank you for your questions. The Veterans who have risked all in service to our country should have the best medical care. Right now they have the worst. That is a great injustice.
    Concerning legalizing marijuana, I think it is a state issue. I will work to protect state sovereignty. I don't want to ever try or use marijuana, so since I do not have any personal experience with it, I have a hard time making a comment on it. I have to rely on the research of others. I do not use mind altering substances, because I value my ability to think clearly. I am concerned about drug addiction because I have seen normal people become addicted to prescription drugs. I am not a medical doctor so I do not have expertise in this area, but also acknowledge that there are prescription drugs that are more potent than marijuana. It is a complex issue.

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    Pat Evans (Wednesday, 04 May 2016 23:41)

    #1. What's your stand on legalization of Marijuana for medicinal purposes and recreational (for personal use only)?

    #2. How do choose to correct how our Military Vets are treated in receiving medical care? Are you for them being treated by civilian doctors and their benefits picking up the bill rather than them having to wait months for treatments?

    Thank you.

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    Mary Kay Bacallao (Tuesday, 26 April 2016 08:17)

    I have a separate site on Common Core because that is what I have been fighting against for 4-5 years. It is: On that site, I have a brochure that details all the laws passed in the last 6 years on the state and federal levels. We need to repeal those to get out of Common Core. That is one of the reasons I needed to run for U.S. Senate, to stop those laws.

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    Retha Godbey (Monday, 25 April 2016 18:52)

    Which Presidential Candidate that's running now do you feel leans more towards your policies and what's right for our country?

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    Jordan Q (Wednesday, 20 April 2016 14:46)

    What are your views on motorcycle laws and transit options?

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    Brian (Monday, 18 April 2016 10:06)

    A couple more questions I also have for you Mary.... regarding immigration, military use,veteran affairs and fair tax. Immigration: What are your views and process for "Anchor babies" (I do not particularly like that term) and their parents as far a legality? Fair Tax: Our 16th amendment helps us to build a strong military, although unpopular, I feel we need this amendment for that, roads and other public needs, what are you views? Military: I have read your statement on diplomacy before war, I agree. Your views on building a stronger military and how without strenuous taxation? Veteran affairs: Should veterans be able to use civilian doctors in urgency care needs and covered by the VA? Thanks for you time and reply.

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    Brian (Monday, 18 April 2016 09:52)

    I am researching my options before May. This is the first time I have actually read any of your views and I have to say you are in line with a lot of my views. That being said, my main concern having a 5 year old daughter that will start kindergarten this upcoming fall and my main question, "Are you proposing to completely do what you can in your power to remove common core from our schools or are you going to propose reform of the common core standards?"

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    Mary Kay Bacallao (Tuesday, 12 April 2016 08:37)

    I am pro life and believe marriage should be between one man and one woman.

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    Lauren (Monday, 11 April 2016 22:05)

    What are you views on abortion and same sex marriage?

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    Mary Kay Bacallao (Sunday, 27 March 2016)

    1. I am not pro or anti establishment, I just read the laws and see if they are in line with the Constitution. If they are not in line, then we should vote no. However, the incumbent has voted yes where he should have voted no. That is why I am running. More people should read the laws, if they did, we would have more people running against incumbents.
    2. Our campaign policy is not to solicit donations and not sponsor paid events. We are running a word of mouth campaign, everyone is a volunteer. Since we do not have any paid staff, we really don't need much money. That is why we don't need to ask for money. We just ask for volunteers to spread the word. So far I have paid $5,220 to the Republican Party of Georgia to "qualify" and be on the ballot. I have also bought some signs that are available for $5 each.
    3. So far the average contribution is $100 because I have received a total of 1 contribution for exactly $100. The money I have used so far I have loaned to the campaign out of my own funds.

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    Akaija (Sunday, 27 March 2016 09:16)

    Q#1 are you pro-establishment?

  • #8

    Akaija (Sunday, 27 March 2016 09:13)

    Q#2 How is the campaign funded

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    Akaija (Sunday, 27 March 2016 09:12)

    Q#3 What is the average contribution

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    Mary Kay Bacallao (Saturday, 26 March 2016 18:37)

    Is there a Republican headquarters or meeting in Columbus? If so I can either bring some signs and literature there for you to pick up or have some at the next meeting. Please email or call so I can set something up to get some signs and materials down there to you. I am in Fayetteville so it is not very far but it would be great to also coordinate it with a meeting. 678 923 0597

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    Joe Kuppe (Saturday, 26 March 2016 16:56)

    Mary Kay,

    I live in Columbus, GA. Where can l go to pick up some yard signs and some pamphlets to distribute?

    Joe K

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    Mary Kay Bacallao (Friday, 18 March 2016 15:06)

    Paul Cruz and Lee, without a doubt.

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    Tommy (Friday, 18 March 2016 09:06)

    Thanks for answering my question. Let me clarify the one question. What I want to know from you is in terms of policy, would you consider yourself to be closer to Senators McConnell, McCain, and Graham or Senators Paul, Cruz, and Lee? Thanks again!

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    Tommy (Thursday, 17 March 2016 13:56)

    Can you name a current Senator or 2 who you think would be similar to how you would like to be if elected?

There is no current U.S. Senator who will be exactly like me.  But I do applaud the few that have stood strong and voted NO on bills such as ESSA, the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Omnibus. My job in the U.S. Senate will be to stop them from passing legislation that most of them have voted for in recent years. I will do this aggressively. I read the bills, so I will have a team of people like me up there reading the bills and informing the public about why it is important to vote no, most of the bills have been harmful.  We will have to start repealing bills that have passed in recent years to get our country back. I will not vote to raise the debt ceiling.  I will not vote for massive spending bills.  I will not vote to fund any unconstitutional federal agency, including the U. S. Department of Education and the Federal Bureau of Land management, among others.  

Thank you for your questions Tommy.  Yes, I do support a flat tax.  I don't think the tax code should be used in any way to influence what people do with their money, so a flat, proportional tax makes sense.

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