October 5th Open Forum 4-6PM

Peachtree City Library

Newspapers report on budget shortfalls, school closures, redistricting, cost cutting measures, and a 4-1 vote on a mutual agreement with Dr. Bearden and the Fayette County School Board that leaves our county without a superintendent as of January 1, 2013. As my children went off to school, I thought of the teachers who will teach them today and for the remainder of the school year. The awesome teachers I have known over the years in Fayette County also came to mind. I know that our teachers will continue to do their best to educate our children. I will continue to do my best to support their learning at home. Our children will continue to strive for excellence. Fayette County will handle these changes with grace and wisdom. If you vote for me, I pledge to be part of the solution. We can work together as a community and as a school system. I am running for the Fayette County School Board, post 2, a race that will be decided on the same day as the presidential election in November. I will host an open forum on October 5th from 4-6pm at the Peachtree City Library. I hope to see you there as we come together to ensure that Fayette County Schools continue in a tradition of excellence in these changing times.

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