What will Dr. Mary Kay Bacallao do as a U.S. Senator from Georgia?

         Pass Constitutional Laws

Pass just laws to secure liberty for all Georgia and U.S. citizens. That starts with READING the laws.  I will not vote for a law that I haven't read.  Any law I vote for will be in line with the powers of the federal government as enumerated in the U.S. Constitution.  I will not vote for any law that violates of the Bill of Rights.

             Repeal Unjust Laws

Work to repeal all unjust laws.  Many unjust laws have been passed in the last 10-15 years, so this will be my top priority.

            Checks and Balances

Keep the U.S. President in check - Congress is charged with ensuring that the President does not expand the executive branch beyond the powers outlined in the U.S. Constitution.  This has been and continues to be a problem.  We have to be prepared for any outcome in the presidential race.  I am ready to take action and protect the people of Georgia from executive orders and the failure of the president to enforce the laws passed by Congress, such as immigration laws.


Get the United States out of debt.  I am proud to live in Georgia where our Georgia State Constitution prohibits public debt. We should be leaving an inheritance for our children, not debt. This is a very large problem, so I will address it right away.  Spending bills originate in the U.S. House of Representatives, but all spending must also be voted on by the U.S. Senate.  I will not vote for any spending that is going to increase the debt.  We need to get serious about paying off the debt.  One place to start could be selling off the federal property in western states to American citizens.  There is no constitutional basis for federal ownership of land outside of Washington D.C. anyway.  The federal Bureau of Land Management needs to be eliminated and all the holdings sold to American citizens. 


As my father always said, "The power to tax is the power to destroy."  The U.S. tax code is very complicated.  That is because it seeks to control citizens and businesses through incentives and de-incentives in the way taxes are calculated.  The founders envisioned a free people with limited government.  Work is its own incentive, but the tax code interferes with the connection between productivity and wealth.  That needs to change.  A reasonable and low proportional tax for citizens and businesses would solve many of the problems created by the IRS and a complicated tax system.

             The Supreme Court

The U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land, not the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court Justices are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate.  In recent years, activist justices have attempted to "legislate from the bench," usurp the legislative role of Congress, and disregard the original intent of the U.S. Constitution.  Since these individuals are not elected and serve for life, it is important that the President work with the Senate to select judges who will rule according to the supreme law of the land, as written in the U.S Constitution.  If the President selects inappropriate appointees, the Senate must stop the appointment.  It is a solemn responsibility and I will vote no on any Supreme Court Justice who thinks that the Constitution can be reinterpreted.

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