Concerned Citizens,

I have scheduled for us to meet on these issues on Saturday, January 26th at 10:00AM at the Peachtree City Library downstairs in the Floyd Farr room. Please let me know if you plan to attend. 

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Mary Kay Bacallao

Peachtree City LIbrary

201 Willow Bend Rd Peachtree City, GA 30269
(770) 631-2520

Position Statement

While campaigning, I focused on zero based budgeting. So, I will continue with that idea and do my best to implement it. Our mission is to educate Fayette County students will excellence. Pre-K students will have 180 days of instruction next year, and so should K-12. 180 full days is the bare minimum. This is needed to provide teachers with time they need to address the curriculum effectively. Teachers also need to plan for the delivery of instruction. Ten days are needed for this. This forms the base of any budget decisions that need to be made. At $700,000 (approximately) for 180 days of instruction, that will cost approximately $126,000,000. Ten teacher planning days at $600,000 per day will cost approximately $6,000,000. That brings the first items in the budget up to $132,000,000. Any funds between that base and what is necessary to maintain a sufficient fund balance is up for discussion. If the $700,000 per day of instruction is lowered, then there will be more money to discuss.

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